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Point Lighthouse
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Lighthouse FAQ's

Who owns the light station?

         The U.S. Coast Guard still owns the lighthouse but has designated it as excess property. Under the guidelines of the Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, Kitsap County has  applied to take over ownership of Point No Point. The County has been leasing the lighthouse and surrounding property since 1998. With the help of the Friends of NP and the US Lighthouse Society, Kitsap County takes care of most maintenance on the property until a final decision is made about the application. This process can take several years before a final determination is made.

Why isn't the Fresnel lantern working any longer?

       On June 16, 2006, the historic Point No Point light was switched off, ‘secured’ by the Coast Guard, and replaced with a modern automated optic light in plastic casing on a rail outside the cupola. The Coast Guard is phasing out use of classic lenses because the mechanisms are worn and it’s difficult to find replacement parts. The modern optic light has the same unique set of flashes as the original.

Is that a crack in the Fresnel lens?!

       As seen in the picture above, there IS a crack in one panel. Tradition has it that it was struck by lightning in 1931 but the real explanation is a flare-up caused by the oil lamp that was used before the light was converted to electricity.

Are Point No Point and Seattle's West Point lighthouse twins?

       The two lighthouses are almost identical. Both were designed by the same architect. In fact, one photo posted on Washington State History website as an early picture of Point No Point is actually a photo of West Point!

Can people go up into the lantern room and see the Fresnel lens?

       No, the only way into the light tower is via a curved metal ladder that would not be easily used by visitors. Also, the area below the ladder is quite small, making it difficult to navigate if there are many visitors. In addition to that, our insurance coverage does not allow that. Sorry!

Could I be a lighthouse docent or work in the Museum Store?

        Absolutely! Go to our Become a Member page and download the membership form. Be sure to mark the box(es) "interested in being a docent/gift shop volunteer" and mail that form to:
                                   Friends of PNP
                                   P.O. Box 223
                                   Hansville, WA  98340
As soon as we receive your membership, either our docent or gift shop volunteer coordinator will contact you to set up your training to get you started as quickly as possible. You will also be "buddied" with one of our veteran docents as you learn the ropes (lighthouse docents always work with at least one other person so you never have to handle groups by yourself). Be prepared to have a great time!

How do I go about making a financial gift to the Friends of PNP?
          Friends of Point No Point is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, therefore all donations are tax deductable. We welcome all contributions to help preserve and protect the lighthouse. Membership in the Friends brings several benefits including a bi-annual newsletter, a membership certificate, and a warm feeling inside for helping such a worthy cause! Click here for a membership form you may print, fill out, and drop into the mail with your membership and/or donation check. Thank you!

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