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Save our lighthouses, the ones that still shine
bright, and the ones that need a little or
a lot of care, it can be done with you and me.
Will you dare to hope, to work toward a goal to
save these beautiful beacons that helped to save
so many lives, prevented collisions, saved many
a sailor far and wide, showed the way home
night after night gone by?

So I ask will you care? Will you stand up for
the fight to save these beloved beacons of light
precious to so many and lifesavers to others.

It will take you and me both, but it can be done
with care. Let your light shine so these beacons can burn again. In grandeur and pride, with love and compassion, it can be done.

So let us fight to save our lighthouses, save them near save them far, it will take you and I, but it can be done, it takes only a little faith, pride and a willingness to try.

Please won't you take the time to care to help save them to show to our future generations, to help light their faith to safety as those before them.

Shine on and on

Michael D. Wilson

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